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For immediate assistance, contact one fo the officers below.
Studio Phone (802) 728-1515
Address WVTC
Vermont Technical College
1 Main Street
Randolph Center, VT 05061

WVTC Officers

General Manager
Curtis Steins
The General Manager is responsible for overseeing operation of the radio station.
Music and Program Director
Tyler Dunham

The program director is responsible for all station programming, music direction, and training DJs. The PD also handles show schedules and independent artists looking to have their music featured on WVTC.
Technical Director
Matt Kelly

The technical director handles upkeep of all servers and computers for WVTC, and may also serve the role of studio engineer as the need arises, maintaining audio and broadcast equipment for the station.
Public Relations manager
Andrew Parkinson

The PR manager handles communication between WVTC and the public, inclusive of Vermont Tech and the local Randolph community as well. Anyone interested in getting airtime on the station may contact this officer for assistance.

Assisting staff members

Chief Engineer
Parker Robinson
The chief engineer works to maintain, improve and repair all technical equipment in the station, alongside all other staff members. The CE is also responsible for the FCC compliance of WVTC, and maintains the equipment and records required to do so. Please contact the chief engineer as a last resort for matters dealing with technical issues of the station if the other officers cannot be of assistance.
Faculty Advisor
Patrick Schlott
The faculty advisor oversees the club aspect of WVTC, in accordance with the rules of VTC Student Council, and may assist in any role or task as necessary.